Brayden Bugazzi – Song-Word Art House

Brayden Bugazzi

Brayden Bugazzi is an artist based in the Los Angeles area who makes art inspired by Pop culture and different aspects of human culture.  His works are mixed media, but the foundation of his work is collage. One of the main ingredients in his art is recycled materials primarily from magazines and books. His work has been featured in and many other international magazines.  He has also  created murals in and around Hollywood, and participated in high profile shows associated with Art Basel Miami, LA Art Show, and showed in major galleries on 3 different continents and 7 countries.  He has sold to buyers from around the world, including several “A list” celebrities.

"I started obsessively building my photos out of recycled magazines, and as I created more and more collages, I started to mix more and more elements into them.  As a photographer through the years I started to build a fascination with the idea of how disposable printed media is. It created an internal feeling of sadness for how the digital revolution has cheapened the value of professional photography.  After many years of working in the digital realm, I felt this need to build with my hands, and have more of a physical connection with my work.  I feel a satisfaction into breathing new life into these discarded magazines.