Filippo Fiumani – Song-Word Art House

Filippo Fiumani

Filippo Fiumani (aka Mani) is an italian designer and artist, born in 1987 in Loreto, Italy. He works as a visual artist and street artist since 2002. His wide range of influences, mixing post punk, street art, tattoos, custom bikes, skateboarding and surfing, helped him to create his own unique imaginary and Lo-Fi aesthetic. His D.I.Y approach is based on a skate/punk root, which give him a need to talk about social causes with a sense of humor and an emotive approach.

His raw strokes reflect his impulsivity and the urgent need to communicate thoughts and messages. He is co-founder and art director of Santi Boards, a brand producing single fins and kite boards. Mani's studio is based in Lisbon, Portugal.