MR KAS – Song-Word Art House


KAS was born and raised in Porto, Portugal, and now lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. The name KAS comes from a group of the artist's friends who joined up every day at a place called Kastalia in Porto.

His passion for art began at a young age. His father was also a painter, and was a major part of his childhood and had big influence on him. In 1999, he found a full spray can lying in the street and decided to tag everywhere until he got home. He then told the story to a close friend and was told about graffiti and also gave him a book called Subway Graffiti that inspired him to paint 'Kas' everywhere. This was the start. He then started painting classic graffiti lettering in the streets of Porto back in 1999, where the self-made artist then learned informally from some greatest graffiti artists in Portugal.

After taking a break, the Portuguese street artist relaunched himself in 2014 and has had the opportunity to undertake graffiti and street-art projects for several multi-national companies. KAS has also participated in various street art events around Europe, in countries like Italy, Greece, Malta, France, the Netherlands,  and of course Belgium. He has also had the opportunity to exhibit at a number of international exhibitions and shows.