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"Seven Sins" Original Artwork By Lionel Dumas
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"Seven Sins" Original Artwork By Lionel Dumas

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French artist Lionel Dumas portrays a richly textured narrative inspired by the witty line from a song by Sam McGee that quips: "I met a little gypsy in a fortune telling place, She read my mind, then she slapped my face, woo".  

Original artwork created with mixed media on canvas.  40" x 41"

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Artist Bio: Lionel Dumas

Lionel is a discreet artist who doesn’t like to talk about himself. He is an introvert who immerses himself in his own world as soon as starts using his tools. He then let his art and imagination flow, full of different universes, through pastel shades made with natural pigments, in ocher and sienna colours.

He loves to feel and touch the materials he uses, and he therefore takes paint in his hand before applying it with brushes, or sometimes with his own fingers on the canvas. He masters a wide range of techniques which he uses depending on his inspiration. He is a very sensitive and kind-hearted person, and those qualities are fodder for his art and grant it a certain depth, provoking many different emotions.

He was born in France in 1961. During his career he has worked as a graphic-illustrator and after that as artistic director in advertisement. After twenty-five years in this field, he wanted to expand his artistic horizon and search for other universes. He now creates illustrations, decorations, paintings in trompe-l’oeil, restores paintings and also creates his own artworks..