William DeBilzan – Song-Word Art House

William DeBilzan

Entering the third decade of his artistic career, William DeBilzan has exhibited and is collected worldwide. From the Burj Khalifa in Dubai to the Marriott Central Park in New York, his paintings and sculptures are sought after for their visual and emotional impact. Private collectors seek his work for the same reason, often commenting on the “good vibes” that DeBilzan’s paintings bring to their homes via his signature elongated figures, rich texture, and Caribbean-inspired color palette.

 Having experienced an overwhelmingly positive reception for his couture pieces and his 11 year handbag collaboration with Mario Hernandez, DeBilzan launched a unique collection of casual and athletic wear 12 months ago. Now courted by luxury retailers, the artist is as excited about his projects in the fashion industry as he is about the continued development of his paintings and sculptures.